The Dance program was created to give our students the opportunities to become artistic, motivated and educated performers. The dance program at Alexandra Hills State High School can be broken down into two categories; the Dance Curricular program where students study dance as an elective and are invited to attend extra technique classes and excursions, dance camps, and tours.

The Dance elective subject works to improve students’ knowledge of dance in the three areas performance, appreciation and choreography. The junior program is based around providing students with the skills necessary to succeed in the Senior Dance program.

Our program aims to allow students to become independent learners. They are able to express themselves in a way they are unable to in other subject areas. We aim to improve student’s ability to feel supported and nurtured and improve student self-esteem and confidence. These skills developed in dance can also be valuable transferable skills that can be applied to any career path. The confidence gained through achievements in dance helps to build social skills and the ability to communicate well within a group.

Students involved in our program become independent learners, they use lateral thinking skills and are wonderful problem solvers and better communicators.

The extra-curricular dance troupes are a specialised auditioned group of dancers who train and rehearse outside of class times to prepare to perform as troupe teams. Dance Troupes compete in various Eisteddfods, Community performances at local primary schools, school functions, and workshops.

We offer a wide range of opportunities in dance to improve individual technique in various styles of dance.

Our Dance Mentors are students chosen to lead Dance within the school. This position is chosen by teachers. Our mentors promote and support dance not only within the school, the community and the wider community during outside performances. They are chosen with the ability to keep on top of their school work and attend to dance promotion and leadership within the classrooms but also within our dance troupes. They are approachable, patient and always willing to help others in need.

This year we will be introducing a new program under the dance umbrella called Dance Club. Dance Club provides students the opportunity to be part of our fantastic extracurricular dance program at Alexandra Hills SHS to develop student’s technical skills, performance skills and most importantly have fun. Dance Club is an initiative to provide all students the opportunity to take part in dance especially for those were unsuccessful in a placement within our troupe teams.

Students will attend one weekly rehearsal where they will be taught by our dance troupe choreographers and senior students. Students will be taught a range of dance styles throughout the year and also have a performance opportunity at our biggest night of the year – Night of dance.

There is no cost for Dance Club although it is paramount that students make a commitment to the club and attend every week. If more than two absences are recorded without correct notification before the date will result in withdrawal from dance club to make way for other students.

Last reviewed 08 April 2019
Last updated 08 April 2019