​Years 9 & 10 – Elective subject

Business and Economics

Business and Economics involves management, entrepreneurial creativity, communication, technology practice and technologies.  It promotes students' knowing, thinking, investigating, creating, communicating, participating and reflecting.  Students use elements of business practice to respond to real life situations and develop skills transferable to other life contexts. In Year 10, students have the opportunity to gain a vocational qualification (Certificate I in Business).

Years 11 & 12

Accounting – General Senior Subject (ATAR)

Accounting provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of the essential role of organising, analysing and communicating financial data and information in the successful performance of any organisation.  Students learn fundamental accounting concepts in order to understand accrual accounting and managerial and accounting controls, preparing internal financial reports, ratio analysis and interpretation of internal and external financial reports. They synthesise financial data and other information, evaluate accounting practices, solve authentic accounting problems, make decisions and communicate recommendations.  Students develop numerical, literacy, technical, financial, critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills. They develop an understanding of the ethical attitudes and values required to participate effectively and responsibly in a changing business environment.​

Legal Studies - General Senior Subject (ATAR)

Legal Studies focuses on the interaction between society and the discipline of law and explores the role and development of law in response to current issues. Students study the legal system and how it regulates activities and aims to protect the rights of individuals, while balancing these with obligations and responsibilities. Students develop skills of inquiry, critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning to make informed and ethical decisions and recommendations. They identify and describe legal issues, explore information and data, analyse, evaluate to make decisions or propose recommendations, and create responses that convey legal meaning. They question, explore and discuss tensions between changing social values, justice and equitable outcomes.

Certificate III in Business (VET)

Binnacle Training's Certificate III in Business 'Business in Schools' program is offered as a senior subject where students learn what it takes to become a Business Professional. Students achieve skills in leadership, innovation, customer service, personal management and financial literacy – incorporating the delivery of a range of projects and services within their school community. Micro business opportunities are also explored. This two (2) year course involves a participant cost.

Diploma of Business (VET) – Year 12 Only

The Diploma of Business is only offered in Year 12, to students who meet entry requirements. This course is a great pathway to employment or University studies. The Diploma of Business will give you the skills and knowledge to run your own business or for roles in business administration, HR, marketing, operations, project work and more. This one (1) year course involves a participant cost.​

Business Studies - Applied Senior Subject (Vocational)

Business Studies provides opportunities for students to develop practical business knowledge, understanding and skills for use, participation and work in a range of business contexts. Students develop effective decision-making skills and learn how to plan, implement and evaluate business outcomes and solutions, resulting in improved economic, consumer and financial literacy.

Social & Community Studies - Applied Senior Subject (Vocational)

Social & Community Studies focuses on personal development and social skills which lead to self-reliance, self-management and concern for others. It fosters appreciation of, and respect for, cultural diversity and encourages responsible attitudes and behaviours required for effective participation in the community and for thinking critically, creatively and constructively about their future. Students use an inquiry approach in collaborative learning environments to investigate the dynamics of society and the benefits of working with others in the community. They are provided with opportunities to explore and refine personal values and lifestyle choices and to practise, develop and value social, community and workplace participation skills.

Tourism - Applied Senior Subject (Vocational)

Tourism studies enable students to gain an appreciation of the role of the tourism industry and the structure, scope and operation of the related tourism sectors of travel, hospitality and visitor services.

Students develop and apply tourism-related knowledge and understanding through learning experiences and assessment in which they plan projects, analyse issues and opportunities, and evaluate concepts and information.

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Last updated 19 April 2021