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German Cultural Exchange Programme - Term 4 

In late November the German students in years 10 through to 12 are invited to travel to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  This tour enables students to further their language skills and provides them with opportunities that can only be obtained in Germany itself.  The tour will involve visiting various cities and towns throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria that are of significant historical and cultural significance.  

The German Trip details are as follows:

  • Dates:  TBA for 2019
  • Cost:   approx. $5000 - $6000 (based on what students have paid in the past). *Please note that this cost includes: accommodation, travel, activities, meals and miscellaneous expenses.

Italian Cultural Exchange Programme - Term 4  

The students of Italian will be undertaking a programme, similar to the previous nine, which involves the study of the Italian language and culture, and attendance at a school in Italy.  The school they will attend is Il Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono (CNPD) di Cividale del Friuli, a state boarding school. This trip will enable the students to further their language skills and provide them with many unique opportunities that can only be provided in Italy itself.

Students will also visit major cities like:  Milan, Rome, Florence, Verona, Venice, Naples and Pompeii. Part of the trip will involve students staying with Italian families while attending school; and touring.  The estimated cost of the trip is approximately $5,000 - $6,000 and is based on what students have paid on similar trips in the past. The students will start their three week tour at the end of November and be home in time for Christmas. Traditionally, tour participants include current Italian students interested in continuing with Italian. However, this year we have opened it up to students of Ancient History, as much of the tour involves visiting places of historical significance, from the Roman period. Ms Hutchinson if you require any further details.

Japanese Culture Exchange Programme 

The Japan study tour provides students with the opportunity to improve their Japanese language skills as well as deepen their understanding of Japanese culture with relevant, in-country experiences. Students will take part in a homestay with one of our sister schools as well as visit a variety of ancient and modern sites around cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Students will also experience the beauty of Japan as we visit in April to experience the phenomenal cherry blossom season.

Dates: 3 April 2019 - 17 April 2019.

Cost approx.:  $3 500  - $3 700 approx.

All Music Program Tour – Term 3 or 4

Every 3 years the students of the All Music Program are invited to participate in an Interstate or International Tour with a focus on developing their musical and performance skills and experiencing different cultures.  In the past musicians from AHSHS have had the opportunity to perform at Parliament House and the War Memorial in Canberra, the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House and participate in a singing flash mob on the Great Wall of China.  They have also seen shows on Broadway in New York and lived a day as an American high school student in Los Angeles.  The staff of the All Music Program are dedicated to creating memorable and unique opportunities for the students who take up the chance to travel as part of their involvement in the program.

The cost will vary widely depending on the destination and activities, a rough guide is:

  • Interstate destination  - $1,000 - $2,000
  • International destination - $5,000 - $6,000*

*costs include all accommodation, most meals, all activities, travel and insurance, some miscellaneous expenses.

Senior Social Science Tour to Vietnam - Term 3 

Every second  year  the students in the senior histories, ancient and modern, and geography are invited to participate in an international tour to Vietnamn. The tour highlights a range of historical , cultural and geographical experiences. The tour group is self contained with our own English speaking tour guide , and bus.  All international and domestic transport costs; all meals;  museums entries, accommodation  and unique eco tourist activities are all included in the one price. It is simply great value , for a very unique travel experience.

Students who have participated in the last two  tours  have enjoyed  exploring Halong Bay ; local villages; riding on water buffalos and push bikes;  cooking lessons ,underground tunnel complexes ; museums, cooking lessons, city tours and absolute feasts at all meal times. There is always time to enjoy shopping along the way, but in particular at Hoi An, where tailor made clothes are made up cheaply. Undoubtedly, one of the highlights are the visits to orphanages, one of which is for the disabled. Fund raising takes place before the tour starts so that the group can make a donation to the most needy. This experience is truly  one of great impact , generating much personal reflection for the group.

The company we travel with is internationally accredited, and its slogan sums up perfectly why this tour is so special  - ‘Open their eyes; change their lives‘.

Cost (all inclusive) for 11 days is $3,000 approx.

Junior Social Science Tour - Term 3 or 4

Social Science’s History Club offers a number of excursions and inter-state history tours! Over the years we have participated in:

  • University Lectures
  • Various exhibitions at the Abbey Museum
  • Various exhibitions at the Queensland Museum
  • History Tour to Canberra (2016)
  • History Tour to Melbourne (2017)

These excursions and tours give students the chance to learn about different cultures and societies in a hands on manner. They topics of exhibitions and activities often complement what students are studying in Social Sciences.

Listen to the Notices to find out more about these exciting opportunities throughout the year! You can also get information from our History Club meetings held Friday long breaks of odd numbered weeks in SS04/SS05.

In the past the tours cost for 4/5 days (all inclusive) is approx.  $1,000.

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Last updated 18 June 2021