BYO Laptop Program


At Alexandra Hills State High School, we recognise the importance and necessity to equip students with the skills to be competent, safe users of technology and to enhance their learning experiences through student centred learning, critical and creative thinking and virtual learning environments.

Our senior BYO Laptop Program enters its fourth year and continues to build on the success of our previous 1 to 1 laptop program whereby all students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are required to bring their own device to school for their senior studies.

As a service we provide parents with access to laptop portals to assist in the purchase of suitable, quality devices at the best price. The vendor portals include a variety of brands and a range of price points. 

All devices purchased through the vendor portals will be able to connect to the school system. However, some devices purchased independently may not be able to connect.

IMPORTANT: Please note that Android devices, Chromebooks and other devices that run Linux are not supported on our BYO system.

The portal laptops have been carefully selected to meet the following criteria:
  • Durability - devices built with strength and battery life intended for use in the educational environment (these are not available in retail stores)
  • Servicing - school based warranty servicing and repairs of devices 
  • Protection - warranty and insurances that are not available to the retail market
  • Compatibility – operating systems that are compatible with the school’s managed network
  • Price - educational pricing, payment plans and interest free options

Please note that the vendor portals will be updated early Term 3 2018, with the latest educational laptop models ready for 2019. Term 4 is the best time for parents to order a laptop to maximise the warranty life.

  • There are no changes for Year 10 and 11 students currently enrolled in the BYO Laptop Program – they will be able to continue to use their current laptop.

  • Junior students who have purchased a laptop in anticipation of joining our BYO Laptop Program, will be able to do so.

  • Software – BYO students are able to download multiple free copies of the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite to their personal home and mobile computer equipment - go to the Computer & Internet page on the school website for more information.

  • Adobe CC 2018 Software is provided by the school, for use under the school’s Adobe licence to students enrolled in the BYO Laptop program - go to the Computer & Internet page on the school website for more information.

The school has special arrangements available for students who are not able to purchase laptops. Applications must be made directly to the Principal.

When joining the scheme all students will need to sign the BYO Laptop Program Agreement Form (see related links to download a copy).

When purchasing Apple, Dell or Lenovo products please use the

user name: ahshs

password: BYOD2019

Acer and HP do not require an access key.

Please note the school does not endorse any one supplier. Should you have any questions please send an email to
Last reviewed 19 September 2019
Last updated 19 September 2019