Long term homestay Parent           

Many thanks to you and your co workers for the past two years in your allowing students into my home.  I know I have learned many things from this experience and even though I thought I was a patient person I learned a whole lot more...  and am looking forward to working with you all in the future....
kind regards  Gwen

Francisco    Argentina –

6 months

We write you this lines to thank for the photos you send us. We are so happy  you received our son Francisco in a very kind and cozy way. He feels really good and integrated  in your institution.  Living in a beautiful country, making good friends and staying with a very nice and supporting family have been for him an amazing experience that he will never forget.

Family Scharn


Japan -

3 months

Everyone is so kind, they talk to me.  Mr Harvey has helped a lot during my stay and is a very fun teacher. The people are interesting and are always talking to me about Japan. The school uses a lot of technology and in the future I want to work in IT. I think this will help with my future.

Raymond - China (3 years)

I really enjoyed my time at Alexandra Hills State High School, the environment is very beautiful with trees and flowers. Every teacher at Alexandra Hills is kind and willing to help every student. When I had any questions they would help me. Also, we have lots of choices for subject selection which I enjoyed learning about.
I made lots of local friends and we always study together. Recently, I joined the basketball team and would train and play games with my teammates

Dennis - China (3 years)

I would like to tell you about my happy learning experience at Alexandra Hills State High School, Queensland, Australia.  would like to tell you about my happy learning experience at Alexandra Hills State High School, Queensland, Australia.
Firstly, the environment provided by Alexandra Hills State High school is one of peace and harmony. The academic atmosphere is very strong where the students are very friendly and helpful. I remember my first day; I made lots of new friends. When I got lost or had trouble with English, there would always be someone there to help me. These friends helped me through the most difficult few weeks
Alexandra Hills State High School provides high quality and professional teachers who study with their students together. I remember the complete art supplies I needed for my first visual arts lesson really shocked me.
Alexandra Hills pays great attention to host family services. My host family was very friendly; they really cared about my health and study achievements. They even took me to different places around Brisbane to relax and enjoy Brisbane’s incredible views

Sarah -  China (3 years

I love my school, Alexandra Hills State High School. The environment is very beautiful, surrounded by trees, flowers and grassland. It made me happy to study in the pleasant environment. The teachers are really patient and kind and teach us plenty of new knowledge and skills. Alexandra Hills State High School provides students with a wide range of subjects to select from so students can study what they enjoy and want to learn.

Since I started at Alexandra Hills, I have made lots of new friends. I met my first friend when I was in year 10, in English class, from then on we always sat together  discussing class work. We would also chat before class about the adventures in our lives. We became every good friends and I will miss her a lot when I got back to China.

My homestay family is really friendly. My room was very comfortable and my homestay father was really good at cooking and would make different kinds of Australian meals for me.

Weiyi - China (3 years)

Weiyi, Alexandra Hills State High School - Dux of the School 2013. Weiyi also claimed Subject prizes in Mathematic B and Mathematics C with an Academic Award as well. Well done Weiyi, good luck in your future endeavours.

Last reviewed 11 April 2019
Last updated 11 April 2019