Past students


​We proudly share some of our past students' ventures since they left our gates.

2012 - Felicity Davis 

I kept a pretty low profile during high school; I studied a lot and am quite introverted. After finishing high school in 2012, I studied pharmacy at The University of Queensland where I graduated with First Class Honours and moved to Northern NSW to start a job as a Pre-Registration Pharmacist at The Tweed Hospital. Later, I moved to West End and started my PhD in cancer research at UQ. During my studies I was able to present my work at conferences in Beijing, Vienna, Warsaw and Singapore, and visited labs in Cambridge, Amsterdam and Chicago. In 2012 I moved to the US as a Postdoctoral Scientist, to start new training and was awarded a fellowship to continue my research for a further four years. My advice? Be yourself. Do what you love doing. Don’t always do what is safe/easy and comfortable. Work towards a goal, but be open to all other possibilities in life.

2010 - Travis Reynolds - Gridiron Player

At school, Travis was a Quiet Achiever and House Captain. He then pursued his sporting career while working for Vodaphone, playing AFL for the Redland Bombers as well as gridiron for the Bayside Ravens, as well as playing basketball and soccer. In 2014, he was signed to a full football scholarship to the University of Massachusetts to play Division 1 College Football.

2009 -Steven Detheridge - Pilot

 Pilot Steven Detheridge driving planeI was School Captain, Vice President Student Council and one of the founders of Project Unity. I went to study a Bachelor of Aviation at Griffith University.  I obtained my Commercial Pilot License and Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating at the Airline Academy of Australia. I am now self-employed as Senior Pilot at Coffs City Skydivers. Obtaining my Commercial Pilot license has definitely been my greatest achievement. 

2009 - Tara Gosling - Marketing Coordinator

I studied a Bachelor of Communications (majoring in Public Relations) at The University of Queensland and is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Crosstown Artists.

Throughout high school I was dedicated to the performing arts and was elected as the drama mentor for her year level in 2009. Being passionate about the arts as a vehicle for social change I am thrilled to be working as a marketing professional within the industry. 

2008 - Ashleigh Stevenson - TV Reporter

 TV reporter Ashleigh StevensonSports Captain in my last year at school. After school I completed a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT and started  a career in Television news with the ABC.  

One of the highlights of my career so far, i won 'Best TV Feature Story' at the 2015 Gold Coast Media Awards.


 2007 - Dr Ashleigh Rogers (Molloy) - Vet

AVet Dr Ashleigh Rogers (Molley)fter leaving Alexandra Hills in 2007 I went straight into Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland and  graduated with honours in 2012.

I started working at the Wellington Point Vet Surgery that year and have never looked back.  I bought the clinic 2 years later and changed the name to Vets By The Bay where I have a dedicated professional team that looks after the pets of Redlands. 

2006 - Caitlin Halsall - Artist

I love to experiment with colour, patterns, textures and eccentricities. After finishing art school at the Queensland College of Art with first class Honours in 2010, I pursued my craft through exhibitions, residency, festivals and continuous studio hibernation. My practice has developed from the objective of making three dimensional painting installation environments that the viewer can become within. It is about recycling, ideas, methods and materials that are extended upon and reinvented. The painting environments are fixed to a particular place and time. Their residue is only recalled through the photographic image. I have expanded into the mediums of ephemeral art, video projection and some 'conventional' paintings, exhibiting at PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Art), the Brisbane Emerging Art Festival (BEAF), Metro Arts Gallery Brisbane and the QCA Gallery, Brisbane.

2005 - Daniel Spears

I was house captain of Cassia and in the first Boys’ Dance Troupe. To this day, I continue to love playing sport - martial arts (Karate judo and krav maga), touch footy, soccer and rugby league as well as hip hop dancing. I also love learning languages and meeting people who have direction and purpose. At Uni, I was voted Students’ Choice for Student of the Year for my Masters of Chiropractic which I then went on to practise. My greatest achievement however, is the work I have done in Thailand, volunteering with Destiny Rescue – an organisation that rescues children from sex trafficking and sexual slavery. My advice?  Find a need in the world; find something that you hate about the world and go fix it. When you get to the end of your life, possessions and people’s opinion of you count for nothing; it’s the peoples’ lives that you helped that you’ll be remembered for.

2001 - Louise Field - Teacher

She was a school captain during the Mintie Moments era. She then went on to Bachelors in Creative Industries and Secondary Education, followed by a career in teaching. At one stage she was seconded to Education Queensland as a Senior Project Officer specialising in Beginning Teacher Induction. She also spent some time teaching in the UK and being an avid traveller – 43 countries!! Somehow, she also found time to marry and have a child.

2001 - Damien Roberts

I was accepted into the Army as a rifleman in 2002. I was then deployed to East Timor and later to Afghanistan as part of Peace Keeping and Reconstruction Task Forces. On return to Australia, I spent 3 years training recruits - some of my most rewarding work - turning civilians, some straight out of school, into soldiers ready to serve their country. I continue to fulfil high level responsibilities. I have also become a backcountry skiing and alpine survival instructor, proficient in first aid and rescue.

”I have had many great achievements while serving - saving the life of some of my mates rates highly at the top. However, the proudest day of my life though was not through my own achievement but my mate’s.  I was invited to see him receive the Victoria Cross at Government House. To watch history unfold and the sense of pride it produced was very inspiring"

2000 - Joel Archbald - Cardiac Scientist

I thoroughly enjoyed 2000, the year I graduated. I spent an  incredibly busy year as School Captain and Student Council Rep. I moved onto a Bachelor of Applied Science Human Movements & Exercise Science and trained at the Royal Brisbane Hospital as a graduate Cardiac Scientist. Went to UK where I achieved accreditation in both Cardiac Devices and Electrophysiology from the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners. I am currently working as Department Manager in Cardiac Unit and the Director of Medical Start up Company. Life continues to be one adventure after another. Live life to the fullest.

2000 - Mark Spears -  Environmental Scientist/Ecologist

I was a devoted member of the second coolest social group in year 12. I then went to study environmental science at Griffith. Since then I have worked as a environmental scientist/ecologist but another part of who  I am is playing Gene Simmons in a KISS tribute band. I am also involved in the church. I am now married and living on the coast where I have taken up surfing. If you are trying to decide whether or not to take a new opportunity or stick with the safe one, always go with the new. 

1998 - Tina Ramsay

As a 1998 Senior Leader, I played almost every sport and also went on the German school trip which made me want to see more of the world so for 6 months I lived as a nanny in Europe. I then travelled extensively.  It wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were many obstacles to overcome, but I worked hard to build a name for myself - that was my biggest priority and I achieved it. I also managed to start a family and still enjoy playing with my kids. When I returned from my travel, I became involved in the container transport industry. By 24, I was the manager of a large transport company. I am now the director of my own container transport company based at Fisherman Islands. Advice?  Take every opportunity you are given as you never know where it might lead.  University isn’t for everyone; if you have drive and ambition you can be successful no matter what.

1993 - Dr John Selby

One of 1993’s graduates, is a man who impresses. At school, he was a keen student, ready to embrace a multitude of opportunities. He was School Vice-Captain and President of the Student Council the year that the concept of the fundraising fun run now known as, ‘The Dash’ originated! He was also a member of the school band. In addition, he achieved the school’s greatest academic honour – Dux for 1993. After high school, he studied for a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of International Business at Griffith University, graduating with first class honours and the university medal. After graduation, he worked as a solicitor in both Australia and overseas. He completed his PhD in law at the University of New South Wales, with a dissertation on the history of the regulation of the .au domain name system. His research focuses on the spill-over effects of the Internet on business, including cyber-security of 1993’s graduates, is a man who impresses.

John was recognised by the Lowy Institute as one of Australia’s “New Voices in Technology and International Relations” in 2006, and has been a visiting professor at the University of Southern California, the University of Zurich and the University of Oslo. In 2015, he was appointed by the Australian and Indian Prime Ministers as one of 15 Australians under 40 to the Australia-India Youth Dialogue, a soft-power forum to build closer connections between future leaders in both countries. His policy submissions have influenced government and industry regulators.

John’s advice is clear. “Life is full of choices. One of the most important is whether to delay your gratification today in return for investing in yourself for the possibility of a better life tomorrow. I sacrificed a fair bit of fun in my teenage years, but now get to reap the rewards of that investment. The second bit of advice is to develop a love of learning at a young age and to sustain that throughout your life. It enables you to connect disparate concepts together and see the world in a different light. Third: travel the world and find the best pieces of different cultures and ideas that you can incorporate into your own life.”

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