Chaplaincy Services provide spiritual, ethical, and personal support to school communities, they provide positive adult role models for students.  Chaplains are present in schools at the invitation of the Principal, in consultation with the local community, and with the support of the P&C Association. The chaplaincy Service is available to everyone in the school community regardless of their religious beliefs.

Who is the Alexandra Hills State High School Chaplain?

My name is Bethany Smith and I am the ‘Young Life’ school-based Chaplain at AHSHS and I love working with young people and seeing them reach their full potential. I have been volunteering with Young Life in the school for many years alongside the youth and look forward to growing those relationships and making new ones with the AHSHS community.

As a Chaplain, I am here to support the students and staff of AHSHS through what can be one of the most exciting and challenging journeys of life – high school.

What does Chaplaincy look like at Alexandra Hills SHS?
As a school Chaplain I am a safe person for young people to connect with at school and I provide a listening ear, caring presence, and a message of hope. This is done through positive, fun activities for students and being a part of creating a supportive community. Along with other members of the school’s support team, I work to care for students struggling with issues such as difficult relationships with other children or family members, poor self-esteem, family breakdown, and depression.

My role includes being involved in things such as: a free breakfast program once a week alongside ‘Young Life’ and other adult volunteers from the community who can provide continual support outside of school hours.; Chill Zone alongside the YSC, which is a place for junior students to feel safe and develop healthy friendships; Buddy Mentoring Program which will involve year 12 students being paired up with year 8 students to help the students grow in confidence and reach their potential in the school environment; and will be assisting outside providers, such as Your Town and the Cage to run social, emotional welfare programs for the students.

Students may request to see me on an individual basis for support in personal matters; students can also be referred by parents or teacher and administrative staff for support.

How can I contact the Chaplain?

I am available every  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in my office up at the HUB.

You can email me on if you would to discuss anything or make an appointment for yourself or your child.

How Can I Donate to support the Chaplaincy

If you would like to financially support Chaplaincy on a monthly or one off basis, please go to the YoungLife Australia website and on the form that opens:

  • under Allocate My Donation To, select Other - Please specify 
  • type 'Alexandra Hills High School Chaplaincy' in the Other Designation field when that displays
  • complete the rest of the form
  • hit the DONATE button once finished.


Last reviewed 13 May 2019
Last updated 13 May 2019