QSchools and QParents



The QSchools app is a convenient way to receive up-to-the-minute information from Queensland state schools.

How do I download the QSchools app?

To download the app visit the application store for your device:


The app integrates with the department's preferred school website platform, allowing users to:

  • find and favourite your school by searching for the school by name, searching a map or by searching for schools near your current location
  • receive real-time notifications about statewide emergency alerts as well as school push notifications and important updates through the app
  • access the latest news, events and newsletters from your school
  • easily access your schools tuckshop and uniform shop information
  • view information about your school including class times and contact details
  • view social media feeds.

The app can manage updates from multiple schools which is useful for parents who have students in different schools.


QParents has been created by the Department of Education to provide parents of Queensland state school students with secure online access to their child's information.

The portal allows you to securely access information about your child and to communicate directly with your child's school.

QParents app available on the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store.

How to register for QParents

Creating a QParents account requires you to complete a 4 step registration process. Registration must be completed on a personal computer and not a mobile device.

Please note that progress during the registration process cannot be saved. Keep in mind also that, once you have registered using the low-documentation option, you cannot go back and add extra documentation to reach 100 points online. Please have all your relevant supporting documents ready and on hand before you begin.

1. Enter the invitation code

You must receive an invitation letter or email with your unique invitation code from your students school before you can complete this step. If you have not received an invitation letter or email containing your invitation code, please contact your student’s school.

2. Verify your identity

After accepting the terms and conditions of use of QParents, you will be required to verify your identity by completing an identification check. To view a list of the accepted documents and their point values, click here. If you cannot verify 100 points of identity documents online, you can still register for QParents, but you will need to present documentation at the school after you have registered and added your student/s.

3. Create a QParents account

You will be required to create a QParents account using an email address as your account name. That email address will need to be confirmed before your account will be activated. You may, optionally, also provide a mobile number which will be used by QParents to verify your identity (e.g. send you an SMS code to enter into QParents). Please note that only one QParents account may be created per email address. If you share an email address with another parent and both wish to register, you will need separate email addresses for each account. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerical and special characters.

4. Add your child

You will then need to request access to view your child's information. You will need to know your child's EQID to do this. The EQ ID is printed on a number of school-produced documents, including: invoices, financial statements, academic reports, underneath the barcode on your child’s student ID card. Schools may also choose to distribute EQIDs when inviting parents to join QParents. It consists of 10 numbers and one letter. If you cannot find your child’s EQID, you will need to contact the student’s school administration for assistance. EQID numbers cannot be provided by anyone other than the school.

To add a student, enter the EQID, then select the student’s current year level and school name from the drop down list.

After completing these steps, your request to create a QParents account will be sent to your child's school for final approval.


Using QParents on a smartphone

To access QParents from a smartphone or tablet, users can download the QParents app available on the iTunes App Store or from the Google Play Store. Note that you can only use the app after you have completed the registration process using a personal computer. Registration for QParents must be completed using a personal computer and not a mobile device.

Once registered, you can also use QParents on your tablet or smartphone without an app: just access the site through your mobile browser at this address:


Last reviewed 27 August 2021
Last updated 27 August 2021