​​​Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C)​

Welcome to all in 2022

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) of Alexandra Hills State High School would like to thank the parents who have taken executive positions on the P&C which allows us to continue supporting our school for 2022.  These are Caroline Bastow, Aaron and Christine Ely and Carol Cameron.  We hope to bring another year of support in different ways to the school this year which will be enjoyable, rewarding, and memorable and that all your educational needs are fulfilled.

We encourage all parents, new and current, to take an active role in their student's education.  All parents, grandparents, guardians, carers, and community members are eligible to join the P&C.

The P&C Association meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the Conference room in the main Administration building from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

The P&C Executive team will not be asked to participate in fundraising, as this is done by the sub-committees and our roles are exclusively administrative. Everyone has a role to play in our P&C and your ideas will be heard and respected.

We are always looking for parents to volunteer at our Uniform Shop and our Tuckshop.  If you are available for even a few hours each week or month, please get in touch with our friendly staff. You can drop in and talk to our friendly staff about your volunteering preferences, or you can call Sue and Vicki at the Uniform Shop on 3820 1474 and Cynthia and Gabriella at the Tuckshop on 3820 1471.  Alternatively, send any email to   for the Tuckshop and for the Uniform shop.

We also run a very successful and competitively priced Stationery Shop, which stocks all your student's stationery needs.  All you need to do is complete the stationery list order, hand it in to the Stationery Shop and pick up and pay on a mutually agreed date. For more information send email to

We also have our Music sub-committee called AMPS, which stands for All Music Program Supporters. The parent volunteers in this sub-committee work tirelessly to raise funds for purchasing new music equipment and to fund performances. If your child plays music at the school and you would like to support the All Music Program, please contact Carol Monson:

Thank you in advance for your participation in our P&C Association or for your volunteering activities at our school.  If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us at any time at our email address is or you can call me on 0425 269 582.​

Kind regards,

Mrs Caroline Bastow

President, AHSHS P&C Association​

Last reviewed 10 May 2022
Last updated 10 May 2022