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Welcome to the Uniform Shop 

Monday Wednesday and Friday​   8am - 11am.

Extended Hours​ Document for December 2022 and January 2023

Appointment are in 15 minutes lots , if you have two children to be fitted 2 appointments will need to be made.

School Online Booking System (SOBS)

Will need to use your email address or phone number to make the booking. This document will show you how if you need help.

Current Price list


Cash, EFTPOS facilities (no cash out), Credit Card purchase.


A minimum deposit of 30% will apply with the balance to be paid within 8 weeks. Uniforms may be tried on before finalising your lay-by if you are concerned your child has grown out of any items. Uncollected lay-bys will be returned to stock and deposit forfeited.​

Frequently Asked Questions.

What house team am I in?
​Your team house is decided with the first letter of your last name

Acacia A-D (yellow) Banksia E-K (green) Cassia L-P (red) Hovea Q-Z Blue

Do I need an appointment in December and January?​Yes you do, please book via SOBS on the website
​I can't choose sizes on Munch Monitor​We size you child up when they come to collect their items
If I order through Munch Monitor, do I need an appointment to collect it in January?​Yes you will, so that we can size your child for their uniform items
​Do I need an appointment for just a tie or a pair of socks?​No as long as it is only 1 or 2 items
Can I buy Academy uniform while in there?​Yes we will have certain Academy uniforms available but your child must be fitted prior to December and January. Information will be emailed to you
​How many days do there wear sports uniform?​1 full day per week, Year 7 and 8 Tuesday, Year 11 and 12 Wednesday and Year 9 and 10 Thursday. Your child will also use their sport uniform for 1 HPE lesson per week where they will bring it to change in and out of for that lesson
​Do I need a belt?​It is compulsory for Year 10, 11 and 12 students to wear a belt. Junior year levels will only need one if their shorts are loose around the waist
Do I need to book an appointment for each of my children?​Yes as we only allow 15min appointments. Each child will need their own appointment and can only be booked consecutively
How do I make an appointment?
​Please book through SOBS which can be found on the schools website
​Can I ring up to make an appointment?​
​No bookings will only be taken via SOBS
​Can I just walk in?
​No we are now only taking bookings made through SOBS due to our COVID safe plan
If I layby in December do I need an appointment to collect in January?
​If you want to re-try sizes then you will need an appointment
​Is Munch Monitor an immediate sale and be ready the day I place it?
​Munch Monitor sales can take 2-8 hours to come through and 1-2 days for us to have ready for collection​

Do I need a sports uniform if I'm in Academy?" 

​Yes you will be required to wear your school  sports uniform on sports day and Academy uniform for timetables Academy lessons

Does the uniform change in Senior years?

​Yes there is a different style shirt and a tie for Years 10's to purchase and a different Year 12 tie​

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Last reviewed 02 November 2022
Last updated 02 November 2022