2. Dance Academy


​​​​​​​​​​Dance Academy is a program for competitive dance students in Years 7 – 12 that caters for students of varying skills and experience. Up to Year 10, Dance Academy students must be enrolled in curriculum Dance as one of their elective subjects. Membership is highly-sought after, and at the start of each year, interested students audition to become part of this long-established and popular program. Dance Academy is organized into specialized performance troupes, and we are proud of the many years of resounding success at numerous competitions, highlighting the effectiveness of the program we have developed.

Although the overarching goal is to compete at various professional competitions and eisteddfods, the benefits of troupe membership encompass a much greater scope. As each troupe is genre-specific, students learn new techniques and reinforce existing skills under the watchful eye of their peer mentors and teachers.  Weekly rehearsals employ dedicated instruction that boosts confidence; reinforces discipline and focus; plus builds team work within a highly supportive and creative environment. Senior students are invited to choreograph in collaboration with the teachers, providing valuable knowledge and experience that enhances their own classroom learning.

Not only do students compete against other schools in a range of venues, they have the opportunity to watch other performances, and interact with students from other schools. Such experiences establish positive relationships between schools and encourage a greater appreciation of individual expressive skills and performance etiquette.

It is expected that Dance Academy members maintain high standards of personal grooming during both rehearsal and performance. Dance Academy uniform is compulsory at all events and during rehearsals not only for ease of movement, but to reinforce team building and professionalism. Dance Academy members are also expected to show responsibility towards themselves and the team, so must a follow  strict attendance policy for rehearsals. This encourages commitment and responsibility from each member of the troupe, enables the team to produce a quality performance, and prepares students for potential expectations in their future workplace and beyond.

For many students, involvement in the school's Dance Academy program is one of the highlights of their time at Alexandra Hills SHS.  The friendships formed, the adrenalin-filled performances and the unforgettable memories are all things that add to a well-rounded educational experience at Alexandra Hills SHS.

How to apply

Entry into the Dance Academy program is by application and a merit selection process. Placements in this cultural excellence program are limited.  A dance audition may be required.

It is possible to join Dance Academy along with our other specialist programs. - STEM or Basketball Academy.

Last reviewed 09 December 2021
Last updated 09 December 2021