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​​​Welcome to the Stationery shop
​Hours are still the same as advertised

During December and January each year extended hours are offered for 'back to school' stationery requirements.

Extended Hours 2022-23

Booklists can be found on the Stationery page.​

Alternatively orders maybe placed with us in December for collection and payment in January. To ensure stock availability, please endeavour to order your stationery before the end of the school year. After the 31 January and for the remainder of the year all supplies will be available at the usual times from the Tuckshop.

Orders can be placed through Munch Monitor for your convenience. Follow the instructions on the Stationery Page on how to make an account. 

Munch monitor can be used for Tuckshop orders online as well. Tuckshop page​ will have more information about how. 

​How do we get a stationery list?

​click on the stationery page link and find your year level and click on it.  You can also find all stationery available on Munch Monitor.

When can I start ordering Stationery?  

​The new stationery lists are up on the website from Mid November – make sure it is the relevant year for your student.

When can orders be placed? 

​As soon as you have your stationery list

​Can i drop my order into school?
​Yes. You can drop the order form at the Tuckshop and collect and pay for in January if you like.

Do I have to place an order?  

​No you can come into the Stationery Shop from Week 9 and collect what you need.

Do we get a warranty with the calculators from you?  

Yes Casio FX82AU have a 2 year warranty and Abacus  SXIIMATRIX  have a lifetime warranty.          ​

Can batteries be replaced in the calculators? 

​The calculator you buy in year 7 will see you right through to grade 12. Unless doing Method or Specialist Maths, then you will need a different calculator

How do we know what language we are doing in year 7? 

​Students will be given this information on Rainbow Day to take home.

Can we get ear phones at the Stationery shop? 

​No. we don’t sell them because the available range is too big.  Use the ones supplied with the mobile phone you have.

​Do we need everything on the booklist?

​ Yes. the Heads of Department stipulate what they want your student to have for their class and we collate the list using those requirements.

​Do we use the same language workbook for year 7 and 8?

​Yes so keep it at the end of year 7 – don't throw it away.

​​How do I know when my Munch Monitor order is ready to collect? 

 It will be ready within a few hours of ordering it and can be collected during our opening hours.  Find them on website.

​​Can we order now and collect in January?

  Yes.   It is preferred if you can order in December and Collect in January so we can make sure we have enough stock.

​Who gets the profits from the Stationery shop?

 P & C run the stationery shop and all profits are used to fund school projects for students.​

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Last reviewed 02 November 2022
Last updated 02 November 2022