​Information on our Band Program

What is the Band Program?

The Band Program has been an important part of the Alexandra Hills State High School community since the school opened in 1987.  Its aim is to provide quality music education to students on a wide range of instruments in a variety of ensembles.

Students in the Band Program have access to group lessons on woodwind and brass instruments as well as percussion and bass guitar.  These lessons are provided free of charge through Education Queensland’s Instrumental Music Program.  In addition students will participate in larger ensembles such as concert bands, jazz bands and percussion ensembles.

The school bands perform at many school and community events throughout the school year.  As such we expect the very highest of standards for behaviour, and a commitment to attend all rehearsals, lessons and performances as well as practising regularly at home.

What ensembles are there?

The Band Program is divided into two areas – core ensembles and extension ensembles – all students in the band program must be a part of one or more of the core ensembles, they can then – though audition or invitation – be part of one or more of the extension ensembles. 

The core ensembles are:

  • Concert Band – generally year 7 & 8 students
  • Wind Orchestra – generally year 9 – 12 students

Extension ensembles may include:

  • Big Band (jazz ensemble) 
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Pep Band

What do they play?

Each ensemble learns pieces selected by their director to fulfil the educational and performance needs of the group.  Styles range from classical to contemporary, jazz, rock and pop songs.  Directors aim to choose music that suits the musical and technical ability of students in their ensembles.

How can my child join the Band Program?

The Band Program is open to all students in the school.  We encourage students who have been learning an instrument in primary school to continue learning in high school.  We also welcome students who have not learned previously to start learning an instrument.  There is a pool of school instruments that families can hire if they do not have their own.

At the start of each year there is an orientation evening for families new to the school to find out about the Band, String and Choral Programs (these fall under the umbrella of the ‘All Music Program’) and meet the music staff.  At this evening they are given a handbook with all the information about the program.

If you are not able to attend the meeting your child can collect a handbook from the music teachers in the Performing Arts Staffroom.

An enrolment agreement form is included in the handbook – once this is completed and returned your child is enrolled in the All Music Program with the expectation that they will participate for the whole school year

Last reviewed 19 July 2021
Last updated 19 July 2021