Starting Year 7 2024 @ Alex


​​​​​​​Welcome to Alexandra Hills State High School 

All year 7 students commence onsite on Monday 22 January. When your child arrives at school they are to proceed to the hall. 

Once the hall is open the students will sit in their form classes where their new form teacher will mark an attendance roll.  If needed their should be tables at the back to help students to find their form class number.

​First day year 7 students will need to bring their pencilcase and a notebook to take notes in, their lunch, water bottle and hat and be in normal dress uniform.​

First week of Year 7 will be dedicated to an orientation program, including organising internet access. Year 7 students do not need to bring their BYOD or iPad during the first week of school

​School Diary is an important part of the daily requirements. Students use this book to record homework to be done. Parents use the diary to record notes and messages from home to the teachers or Deputy Principals.

Tuckshop will be open first day. Ordering from the Tuckshop, Stationery Shop and Uniform Shop can be done online using Munch Monitor. Please check out Tuckshop page​ to get more information on how.

Year 7 Sport will be held on Tuesday afternoons with interschool and recreational options. Students will be allowed to wear their sports uniform to school on this day only each week. 

School Photos Day- (ID card) will be taken on 30 January, this will be an individual portrait photo. ID cards will be issued early in the year.

QParent - accounts should be  honoured once the student starts school in 2023. If not, invitations will be sent out via email in week 3. QParent link will give your more information.

BYOD internet and set-up 

During the first week of school, students will complete an internet set-up lesson where we will: issue their usernames; have them choose a new password; show them how to access their online class and homework resources; explain how to “on-board” their BYOD Laptops or iPads.

BYOD Laptops or iPads are required daily from week 2. Prior to this day, students must connect their device to the school network. This “on-boarding” process should be completed at home.​

Connecting your BYOD page​ on the website can help with this process to be completed at home.

Stationery Shop can provide you with all your stationery needs for the start of Year 7. Stationery can also be ordered on Munch Monitor. Check out the Stationery Page link to see the Booklist and how Munch monitor works.

Swimming Carnival  will be held on the 2rd February 2024. For more information about the swimming carnival for more information see the Sports page.

Important info documents

Student uniform and dress code

Parent information guide

Pages of interest for New Year 7 Parents


Stationery shop

Uniform shop

BYOD page

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Last reviewed 30 January 2023
Last updated 30 January 2023